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Aid for Nepal

As you have likely already heard at this point, Nepal was devastated this past weekend by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake which destroyed countless historic and cultural sites and, even more tragically, took the lives of over 5,000 individuals. The video below from the Guardian offers a glimpse into the earthquake’s impact: If you are interested and able to […]

Intrepid Travel's Earthwatch Adventure in Australia's Daintree Rainforest via KatieGoes.com

Earth Day with Intrepid Travel’s Earthwatch Expedition

This Earth Day, Intrepid Travel is partnering with Earthwatch on a new rainforest adventure in Australia. What is Earth Watch, you say? I didn’t know either. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to conducting environment research and educating decision-makers on things like… climate policy. Over the course of seven days, Intrepid and Earth Watch will take you […]

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How to Find Travel Deals

Friends often ask me if I have any tricks for getting good travel deals. You might think so given my job is in the travel industry and I write here each week, but the truth is, I do research and, quite frankly, my inbox is flooded with the various newsletters I’ve signed-up for over the years. […]

Some of the treats from our "Cinqo de Easter" celebration last year

Greek Easter

  Most of the world thinks Easter has come and gone, however, for Greeks and other Orthodox Christians are stocking up on discounted chocolates for the Eastern Orthodox Easter this Sunday. Last year, I wrote about my love of this holiday and if you know me, you’ve had the pleasure (or it could be torture) […]